This is what some of our clients and resellers had to say about ACCU-DART:

"ACCU-DART has proven itself to be an extremely cost-effective way of generative huge efficiencies. The integrated hardware and software of this system have generated a very quick - and sustained - payoff for Can-Save. ACCU-DART makes us more efficient and more competitive"

Dan McArthur, President, Can-Save

"In today's economy we have to be better than before, with less people, fewer customers and tighter budgets, just to stay in business. Decisions should only be made based on accurate and timely information. Sage Accpac and ACCU-DART allow me these luxuries."

Highfield Holdings Inc.

"I absolutely love it, especially because the company provides such excellent support. Irwin Ash, the principal, was so great during the sales cycle. They really want their users to be happy and any hiccups have been addressed immediately. The solution is as simple as it could be - it doesn't feel like it's complicated. Everything is running swimmingly at my client's site"

Rebekah Helton, BKD Inc. - ACCU-DART Reseller

"My client is extremely satisfied with the Return on Investment ACCU-DART delivered to his company. Also, the employees are happier working, because it has made their jobs easier."

George Kassai K & K Accounting Systems Inc. - ACCU-DART Reseller

"ACCU-DART has decreased mistakes and increased information and productivity for much less than was quoted to me by other WMS vendors"

Larry Moody, General Manager McDaniel Metals, Inc.